Seasonal Sniffle Prevention

The weather is changing with the seasons and this includes inside our home. Learn more about to best way to transition you’re baby to avoid mycoplasma flare ups and sniffles, and most important prevent full on Upper Respiratory Infections. When the temperatures change and our thermostats switch from air conditioning to heat to vise versa will be prime time for flare ups to effect your babies. The best way too prevent this is preparation and knowledge.

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Identifying, preventing, and treating Mycoplasma in Rats

Let’s discuss the biggest issue or threat for pet rats, which is upper respiratory issues. Almost all rats are born with Mycoplasma (a respiratory disease) that has no cure and is transmitted through birth. Rats can live their whole life without ever showing symptoms, with it being an underlying issue it’s important to know and recognize the signs. Knowing these signs and how to treat them can prevent this from progressing into an upper respiratory infection (URI). Using our treatment methods can also prevent expensive vet bills.

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Dwarf Rats

Summary: Do you love your standard size rats but sometimes wish they could have stayed the size when you first got them? Enter the Dwarf Rat! Standard size rat personality and charm wrapped up in baby rat size. Coming in at about 1/3rd the size of a standard rat (with 1/3rd the amount of cleanup!!) Dwarf rats have also been seen to live slightly longer than their standard counterparts, due largely to the decreased size and lower observed instances of tumors/cancer.

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How To Introduce Your New Rats To Your Existing Rats

Introduction Importance: Its extremely important to take introductions seriously to ensure the safety of your existing mischief and new baby rats. Sometimes this process can take a couple hours all the way months in extreme circumstances depending on the rats personalities and how they interact, no two introduction experience will be they same. Its so import to understand this is just a base line of suggestions and methods to use or alter for your best experience in introductions. You don’t need use my suggestions or methods and recommend doing your own research to find what method works best for you and your ratties. This article is based on my experiences and fellow adopters stories over many years. I’ve had extremely smooth introductions with immediate grooming and cuddles piles but I’ve also experienced intros that took months and even blood that ended in giving up and housing separate. There is so many stories and ideas out there as this is a common thing to deal with intros when owning rats due to them being such social animals. One of the useful resources you gain when adopting from most reputable breeders is getting one on one advise which we are more than have to help with to have your experience the least stressful. We also are always more than happy to take in or help rehome yours its if introductions fail or you don’t have the resources or space to house them separately.

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Boys Vs. Girl Rats

When choosing to adopt rats it can be a hard decision to choose which gender which works best for you. Its best to do your research and decide which gender fits you or your family best. All rats of course have their own personality and the work you put into bonding has a lot to with behavior too. This is just a rough overview of what could be expected in each gender. They both have lots of pluses and cons but in the end they are all rats which are very intelligent, social and affectionate pets.

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