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  • There is an application process, and not all those who apply can be approved to receive our pet rats.
  • Adoption may be rejected if I believe a buyer does not intend to provide proper care.
  • Our relationship must be a positive one, if we don’t believe we can have a positive interaction, adoption may be denied.
  • Do some research and read up on rat care by reviewing the questions and answers in the Care section below. We will be most comfortable working with customers that have done at least a little homework and are therefore likely to provide a good home for our very special pet rats.

Can I come and see your rats?

  • Sorry, but we cannot accommodate visits we have a closed rattery for health concerns. However, we can provide as many pictures as you like and answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to purchase two or more rats?

  • Rats are social animals, so while we do recommend two or more from the same litter, we will not make that a requirement if you have proof that you have rats at home.

Delivery Options

We do offer delivery for $35 an hour up to 4 hours upon request. We are not always able to deliver so please ask before adoption. If you live further than 4 hours and would still like to discuss delivery feel free to message us.

Can you ship to me?

  • No. Sorry, but we cannot and will not ship our pet rats.

What if I place a big order and/or am willing to pay a lot for shipping?

  • No. We will not ship rats under any circumstances. It is not a matter of money, it is simply too traumatic of an experience and we refused to put our pet rats through such an ordeal.

Can I pick them up from you?

  • Yes! This is our preferred method of distribution and is best for the rats (and your pocketbook). We will work out a time and location for pickups with you directly.
  • Pick up is at our home in the parking lot from 10am-3pm on scheduled Saturdays.
  • 2501 crosspoint circle Mathews NC, 28105


Can I play with my new pet rat(s) right away?

  • We recommended you play with the rats as much as possible especially in the first coming weeks. the rats will quickly bond with you at the age and that bond will last a life time and is vital at this age. if the rats seems skittish try holding in your cupped hand or pocket of a shirt, pocket of a hoodie, or even turn your hoodie around and use the hood as a nice pouch for your rats.

How shall I get them out of the cage?

  • Once you are ready to take them out, we recommend simply reaching in and picking them up with confidence. You can also encourage them to leave the cage with treats.
  • Always wash your hands, rinse them well and dry them off before handling your pet rat. They have very poor vision and can be confused if your hands smell like food to them.
  • Never poke them through the cage or feed them treats through the bars of the cage as they will become confused if what is being poked through the cage is a finger or a treat.

What should I feed my rats?

Any pet store food labels for pet rats will suffice, but we recommend the following brands:

  • Mazuri
  • Oxbow
  • Science Select

If you are feeling adventures and are interested in possibly saving some money, you can also create your own homemade mix. <link to article/page about making your own mix>

What kind of cage should I buy?

  • Buy cages like these Critter Nation, Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage and a smaller option for up to 3 rats is Prevue Pet Product 528 Universal Small Animals.
  • Avoid cages with less than 1/2 in bar spacing for baby rats not to escape
  • We recommend using a rat cage calculator to determine how many rats will comfortably live in various sizes of cages
  • Facebook marketplace can be a great resource for finding affordable cages

What kind of bedding should I use?

it might be easier to say what you absolutely shouldn’t use, pine or cedar are a no go for dust and toxicity and oils. Favriots would be aspen shavings and fleece are most commonly used.

How can I help my pet rats to smell better?

  • Add a litter box to a corner; rats can be easily litter box trained. To train them, add any turd pellets that miss the litter box back into the litter for about a week (2-3 times a day).
  • You can add a “pee stone” to your litter box to encourage them to pee in the litter box.
  • If you don’t wish to use a litter box, or if you are having challenges training your pet rats, you can add “Stall Refresher” from Tractor Supply Co. to the bedding mix. This stuff works amazingly well!
  • You may also want to run an air purifier

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