Holistic Sniffle Treatment


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Extremely helpful to have on hand for emergencies to help avoid vet bills.

Natural approach to respiratory flare ups and sniffles:

Apple Cider Vinagar:

Honey (real honey):

Liquid Garlic Extract:


7mushroom blend:

I recommend to mix the treatment with 1 teaspoon of Broccoli/Applesauce/canned pumpkin(my fav) or even baby food.

3-10 drops of the above mix. Offer this 2-3 times a day. Refrigerate up to 10 days after mixing.

This treatment will come in two bottles; one liquid and one powder. When you are ready to use the treatment just pour the liquid into the powder bottle and shake till throughly mixed together. Keep refrigerated and dispose of after 10 days.

Perfect for treatment in early sign of respiratory issues like mycoplasma or when you hear a a couple sniffle. Natural approach to holistically help your rats without using medication with flare ups. Learn more about respiratory flare ups in pet rats on our blog about Mycoplasma.

If you see signs of hunched back, extra effort to breath or lack of eating and drink or movement antibiotics and treatment will be needed for the rat to recover. Usually these signs take up to 3 days to begin. And that’s why we highly recommend having it on hand instead of waiting for treatment or the next available vet appointment.

All Products Are Handmade Per Order, With This In Mind Products Can Take Up 2 Weeks To Be Made And Shipped. We Thank You For Your Patiences And Supporting Our Small Business. 


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