Harley Rat Care

Harley rats refer to a beautiful long coat gene thats is recessive in rats. We have worked very hard to add this gene to our lines. Just a couple things to keep in mind before adopting.


Harley’s can also have skin issues, ranging from some mild irritation and flakes to major skin issues such as wounds, scabs, bald spots, This is believed to be a protein allergy or related to protein levels.


These days most Harley’s are okay with normal/slightly lower protein levels. We recommend no protein treats like eggs or chicken. Another thing to keep in mind is the protein percentage in your rat blocks food. Mazuri rat food has the highest protein levels so try to stay clear of mazuri when owning Harley rats.


If you are ever in a situation where you think that they are uncomfortable or over itching, a great trick I learned is Coconut Oil. Its completely safe and edible which is perfect because they will groom and lick it off. The coconut oil is a great moisturizer and encourager for the rats to better groom soothing the dry skin.

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