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Welcome to our adoption page! There are three important things to understand before you proceed:

1. Please make sure you fill out our adoption form before making your selections.

After filling out the adoption form feel free to please message us. Otherwise except to hear from us a day or two before pick to schedule a pick up time. Follow us on facebook and instagram for daily updates.

2. Please note that the price you see in the adoption shop is only 50% of the total. This is a non refundable deposit. Upon pick up you will owe the second half of the purchase price (the same amount as your total here online). If you have any questions or concerns please reach out and ask!

3. Pick up time is between 10am and 3pm on your litters schedule SUNDAY at


2818 Bevis Lane Waxhaw, NC 28173

For example, if you reserve 1 rat for $20 here online, you’ll pay another $20 when you pick up your rat. We’ll make arrangements for when to pick up specifically, but the date of availability is listed for each rat in the adoption shop.

Adoption Survey

Please complete our adoption survey prior to making your selections below.

Rats for adoption are at a first come first served basis. Bonded rat adopters get first pick at 3 weeks old. Litters will be announced on Saturdays at 6pm. For more updates follow our Facebook page or Instagram.


First Rattery to ever offer bonded rats with special experience for your future babies. Our bonded rats get loads of extra attention and love. Will already be introduced to bonding pouches, shoulder rides, skin to skin contact, loud noises, long periods of handling, treats and much much more. Feel free to ask for special request like leash introductions, prior adult rat introductions, and much more. It helps us to know more about your family and what you’re looking for. We have had great success with our bonded rats being adopted out to retirement housing, young children, adopters with special needs, emotional support animals and adopters just looking for the sweetest rats possible. 

Keep in mind this is not training and we do not guarantee results, since every rats personality is different. To better your chances of success with our bonded rats we offer temperament testing to help narrow down the best fit for you or your family. Another plus about bonded rats is getting first dibs on litters, lots off adopters appreciate this since our liters sell out quickly. 

Contact us today for your free consultation for bonded rats or adopt now! Pictures and availability are given during consultation, bonded rats will be chosen at 3 weeks old when available.

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