Dalmatian rats may be shown in any recognized color. Markings will be similar to the Variegated mice with color splashes/spots on a white background, and free from any solid clear-cut markings. The splashes should be numerous and ragged in outline, but approximately equal in size, and well distributed over the entire body.

Dalmatian is a widely controversial variety also known as DWS or High White. We follow the definition used by the AFRMA as seen above. Dalmatians are created by a loss of pigment gene. Health risk with Dalmatian is megacolon from the loss of pigment effecting the colon. This can be avoid and lower the risk by pairing Dalmatian to self or Berkshire rats.

Our Dalmatian line started in 2019 and we have been successful is breeding our megacolon in our lines. Of course there is still the risk which is why we typically adopt our Dalmatian at 6 weeks old once the risk of megacolon showing up as passed.

Our Dalmatians are typically black and Downunder with great temperament. Recently in 2020 we have added agouti to our Dalmatian colors.

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