Appears to be aacmcm (non-agouti with two copies of the marten gene at the c-locus). Body colour mid grey with light heathering, with no suggestion of brown or blue tones. Fur on the face to be lighter on the whisker bed, over the eyes and behind the ears. Belly colour a slightly paler shade of grey than the top. Foot colour to match top. Eyes pink or black. As babies they appear almost marbled with patchy colors, but quickly grow out of it before adoption age.

Our marten gene is pretty much carried in all of our breeders. This gene is so dominate even after years of not breeding martens this gene still pops in at least one baby in most litters. Our martens range from the typical red eye almost black color. But can also show up in any of our colors diluting the color and giving red eyes. I personally love this gene and wish more people liked it!

While adding our best temperament Black silvermanes to our Harley line we got black eye pointed martens and Silvermane martens. Hopefully will soon have marten Harleys.

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