Hairless rats have been bred to be completely bald, although they often have some short curly fur around their whiskers, which are small and curly. The color of their skin will depend on the genes they have for fur color and markings. Pale colored hairless rats will be pink, while those with dark coloring will have black or grey areas of skin.

There are some concerns about the health of hairless rats. The lack of fur makes them more susceptible to cold, and means they have to burn more of their calories to keep warm. As a result, some hairless rats have a smaller than average body size. It’s also very important when adopting naked rats that they are bred ethically. This importance is due to the lack of lactation most female rats have when breeding. We are very proud to have our naked as true recessive naked which means all our naked mothers are standard fur carrying the gene to produce healthy well taken care of babies. True hairless restive rats are very hard to find and shouldn’t be confused with double rex rats or breeders claiming they are naked.

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