Non Agouti Recessive: Body color to medium beige, gradually and evenly shaded over saddle and hindquarters towards the belly, being darkest at the base of the tail. There should be no white or very pale areas anywhere on the body, feet or tail. Tail colour to extend down the length of the tail. Belly to be light beige. Points to be rich dark sepia and shade evenly into the body colour. Eyes black or ruby

Ruby eyes, Siamese can also be bred with black eyes. The black eyed varieties are superficially identical to the ruby eyed version, but the overall colour tends to be creamier and warmer due to the influence of the black eyed gene.

Our Siamese: All of our Siamese are Black eyed and are Harley or Harley carriers and Naked carriers. Most of our Siamese litters produce red and black eyes Siamese with Standard, Naked, or Harley fur. This is one of our newest lines we are working on. Keep in mind when brining home your siamese baby they are still molting and gaining their seal points for they’re first 3 months of age.

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