Premium Rats. Reasonable Prices.

Serving the Charlotte, NC (Queen City) area. Curious about delivery and pickup? See our FAQ.

Most of our rats are $40 each our prices match to the care and husbandry all rats deserve, we offer the best care to our rats and our prices reflect that. Each litter is gives an hour or more a day of “genetling” for socialization to ensure the best pet rat.

Rare, specialty pet rat prices:

Standard: $40 each

Harley Dwarf:  $100 each

Dwarf: $80 each

Red/Ruby Eyes: $10 off

Bonded: $50 extra

If you are looking for less expensive option we sometimes list non adopted rats on sale after pick up.


The best rat breeder in NC! She’s vey knowledgeable and the temperament of her rats are the bst. I’ll definitely be getting more babies soon!.

Olivia Farmer

Brought home these handsome fellas last week from Queen City Rattery they’re settling in great and starting to show their personalities more and more! Fuzzy rat butts are one of the cutest things ever.

Tara Darche

Reserve the perfect pet rat today.

When reserving a pet for adoption, the price due is 50% of the total cost. The second half will be due at pick up.

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